Oh Henry ! I tell you it's no use trying to put out your eyes
You feel the stiffness invade your flesh and crawl to your mind
She shut you in a box and said : you must wait !
She shut you in a box but I'll teach you to hate
Hey Hey Hey Hey

Oh Henry ! 20 years old, it would seem that you are too old
A broken toy, you're just a kind of walking living deadman
She shut you in a box and tried to break you heart
She shut you in a box and she hoped you'd die

Oh Henry ! What will be your vision of this world ?
May be watch Henry what she'll allow you to watch
She shut you in a box and then she told you the words
Splashes of cold light that destroyed all your hopes

Oh come down here Henry
I won't leave you alone
Don't let yourself go Henry
Come on and watch TV at home

Is it a lie ? Is it a lie ?

Philippe Pascal

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